Lovely Locs

With a new season rapidly approaching, you may find yourself in need of a makeover or simply wanting to do something different with your hair. One style I’ve been noticing quite frequently, is the Senagalese Twist. Whether big, small, long, or short it’s a beautiful and extremely versatile style, You can dress up, dress down, and really have fun with. I can’t wait to try out these twists.



Colors of Spring Time

Spring is right around the corner beauties, and everyone wants to know what the colors of this season are. When I saw the layout for this year my eyes lit up. Peachy Coral, shades of pink, hues of blue and green conspire to give you  limitless  possibilities with your wardrobe. I love the color scheme this year. You have the soft and pretty pastels, and you also have the bold and vibrant hues to play into to your wild side (if you have one). I definitely cant wait to hop into spring this year.

Be Your Own Beautiful

Welcome to Be Your Own Beautiful. This blog was created in an effort to establish a haven of beauty, fashion, art and inspiration for women. In this cookie cutter world we live in, I wanted a place where it is okay to be “You”. So often times we want to fit in but don’t know what’s up to date, and if you’re like me you face the even greater dilemma of not wanting to “Blend” in with everyone else. Here at B.Y.O.B the objective is to provide the reader with up to date styles and information, as well as encouraging you to stay true to yourself. Whether you are one that follows the trends or doesn’t, whatever the style, trend, or fad, make it your own. And remember your originality is the glitter that makes every style sparkle. Wear it confidently.

See ya later Beauties